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A Hole New Mind

Just finished reading Daniel Pink's, "A Whole New Mind." What a great book, especially when read through the lense of developing young leaders. Three observations: 1. Next gen leaders will naturally be more holistic in their framework because of the times in which they're raised, being more visual and adaptive to right brain content. That means they'll lead more from both hemispheres. 2. Leaders by nature are more whole brained because leading requires us to "get" context, not just focus on the "how" and thinking sequentially. 3. Young leader development is vital for our kids to be effective in the future because leaders are those who help the rest of us use our abilities more effectively. While we may export other knowledge issues, leaders will be in more and more demand as our global village evolves. I came away from the book very energized about the strategic position KidLead has in a world where improved R-thinking will be required t