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Women & Nonverbal Power

After returning from a brisk trip to Washington DC, to meet with some all-girls schools there, introducing them to SheLead, I'm reminded about the importance of helping teen women embrace their power.   There's a lot being studied in terms of how women present themselves as powerful and submissive (powerless).  In a 20-minute TED Talk, researcher Amy Cuddy offers some very practical ideas on how we all can improve our non-verbal communication, for presenting, interacting, and making ourselves appear more powerful than we feel at times.   Click HERE to watch. 

Malala & SheLead

Beginning this week, our weekly KidLead blog will primarily be dedicated to SheLead topics, related to identifying and developing young female leaders.  While we'll continue to sprinkle our blogs with content related to young leaders in general, we specifically want to emphasize the cultural and global need for more and better female leaders. On the day the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the 17 year old from Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai, we're putting our "stake in the ground" to raise up a whole new generation of leaders, as never seen in history.  While we admire all young leaders, we realize that the disservice women have and still experience today not only hurts them, but the many organizations and cultures that need what they have to offer.  Click HERE for info on Malala's Peace Prize announcement.   Follow Tweets @she_org.

Girls Scouts

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet with staff members of Girl Scouts Los Angeles and Orange County.  With 3 grown sons, we never experienced this truly amazing organization, dedicated to growing great women.   We were introducing our SheLead program, to see how we might help them take their leadership training to the next level, primarily with their 10-17 year olds who display an exceptional ability to influence others, who'd be ready for their "Executive Badge."   We applaud organizations, committed to raising great people, especially those who are also open to new ideas, research, and opportunities to get even better.  Human nature, being what it is, keeps us focused on what we're doing instead of getting better.  We hope we can assist Girl Scouts in developing some of the finest women leaders the world has yet to see.