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KidLead Middle East

Last week, I had the opportunity to be with our partners at Future Leadership Academy ( ) in Dubai.  We had a great time training Trainers and interacting with nearly 20 students through the Red Module.  Aman Merchant, entrepreneurial leader of FLA, is one of a growing number of people who intersect their role as business leader and parent, realizing the best hope for our world is to develop the potential in the new generation.  I left Dubai, impressed with both the diverse culture of this magnificant desert oasis and the robust leadership ability in their preteens.  The group I had the opportunity to observe was mostly made up of higher leadership aptitude students who both enjoyed and benefitted from the training.  Aman and I got to do a couple of radio programs and a newspaper ran a full page article on the new venture.  I also did a Developing Your Child to Lead workshop at GIIS school, a private Indian school, led by a principal who understands th