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Leaders In The Rough

Yesterday, I was with my wife and two of our three sons, celebrating Father's day with a walk on Carmel Beach.  It just "happened" to be the finals of golf's greatest event, the U.S. Open, being played at Pebble Beach.  Carmel beach runs right below the 10th hole at Pebble.  Because we didn't have tickets, we caught glimpses of the golfers as the 10th hole pin was precariously perched a few feet from the cliff above us.  As Tiger Woods drove the fairway, his ball missed the green, landing about 30-40 feet from where we stood.  He found it lying in grass on a very steep incline.  We watched the legendary golfer pitch it to the green.  No stones cast, but I was reminded of KidLead's goal of raising leaders who are effective and ethical.  No matter how good we are as leaders, we miss hits, shots that go where we did not intend.  We must then become effective at hitting out of a rough.  Character keeps us out of the roughs many times, but it also gets us out whe