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LeadYoung Training Systems & Stedman Graham

This week, I had another opportunity to talk to Stedman Graham. His work with youth in helping them develop their identify is significant.  For more on his program, click HERE . Stedman suggested that we consider taking our work with KidLead to a for-profit strategy.  The reason is that people often do not value what they get at discounted prices and it also elevates the likelihood of propagating our work.  Although we've been considering this for several years, we've now decided to do just that, turn KidLead into a business venture to reward people for identifying and developing young leaders.  While KidLead Inc (non-profit) will continue for less resourced children and youth, we are actively developing a business model that will allow us to introduce LeadYoung Training Systems as a means to develop young leaders and reward those who do.  Thanks, Stedman!

New Book & Gallup Comments on Management In-efficacy

Mark Crowley, author of a new book, "Lead from the Heart," interviewed the primary researcher of a Gallup poll on job satisfaction (Harter).  " According to Harter, the source of the world’s engagement problem is und eniably clear.    Organizations aren’t putting the right people into managerial positions.   “People get into management based on all of the wrong factors.   Typically, it’s because they were successful in a previous job unrelated to management, or they had long tenure in the company and got rewarded for that.   But neither of those two things relate to the talents people need to effectively lead others.   That kind of misalignment has become a hug problem in the world.” Crowley goes onto quote, in his interview that “For anyone excelling as a leader today, you should know that your effectiveness is uncommon.  According to Gallup’s analysis, at least two-thirds of all people in supervisory roles today lack the requisite skillset.  More significantly, G

KidLead's Golden Circle

Simon Sinek's concept of "The Golden Circle" expresses how visionary leaders and companies differ from the majority.  They start with the "Why," move to the "How" and then result in the "What."  Most orgs focus on "what" we produce, whether computers, widgets or service.  They move from the outside toward the center (as seen in the graphic.  But break out orgs work from the inside to the outside. KidLead has always been about the "Why;" we want to change the world, to make it better by developing a superior leader because leaders are the ones who make history.  "How" we do this is by identifying leaders while they're moldable and giving them a 10-30 year head start on traditional leadership development training.  The "What" are curricula that people can use in their schools, faith communities and civic groups, economically and empowering scores of leaders to be developed, not just a privileged

SheLead Link to Facebook COO

In case you're like me, passing up the book to watch the movie, here's a video of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, presenting her talk at the TED Talk conference in 2010. Sheryl notes the cultural challenge of women finding their place in leadership roles.  That's what SheLead strives to do, but 10-30 years in advance.   Click HERE for the video link.