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Can 6-9 Year Olds Lead?

Nina Lewis, who helped KidLead pilot the very first LeadYoung Training Module for preteens, is launching Lead1st curriculum for 6-9 year olds.  Nina set up 4 leadership training sessions for Kersey Elementary School, a town ravaged by the recent 1000-year floods in Colorado.  Since the events were fresh in the minds of the kids, it's no wonder that during one of the activities, the children created statues to commemorate issues related to helping people. But what Nina and the other parents didn't expect, was the example of servant leading that came next.  During the debrief time, the children began suggesting that they make blankets for the families of two of their friends who lost everything, including their homes.  On their own initiative, they set another meeting just to make two blankets, to let the families stay warm and also know that they weren't alone, wrapped in the love of their neighbors and community.  You can lose your home, but you don't need to lose h

KidLead Peru

I just returned from a week in Lima, helping Ileana Gonzalez and her partners launch KidLead Peru.  The more I travel, the more I realize that leaders and leadership are well over 90% the same, globally.  Leadership is the process of helping people accomplish together, what they cannot as individuals.  Leaders are individuals who get leadership going.  Ileana is a 32 year old teacher with a passion for developing young leaders in her country and South America.  We applaud her work with teachers, students and her covey of quality new Trainers.  The other good news about Ileana and her team of change agents, is that they will be translating LeadYoung curricula into Spanish.  As KidLead becomes global, translation issues become more important.  New language content opens others to use it in developing young leaders.  We continue to be excited as we recently trained two new Trainers in western Australia, and further recent contacts in Tunisia, South Africa, and China.  Young leader dev