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Love Principals Like Mrs. Bartlow

This morning, I began meeting with principals and school administrators, introducing them to LeadYoung Institute. Although I've now sent emails to all public and private schools in the Conejo Valley, I'm curious as to who the early adopters are. My first meeting was with Mrs. Carey Bartlow, Principal of Cypress Elementary School in Newbury Park. I was very impressed with her recognition of students who were social catalysts as well as understanding the difference between leading and administrating.  I've found this is more rare than we'd like to think among educators. So while I'm excited to meet more local educators, I'm very impressed with Principal Bartlow. No doubt Cypress has a bright future with her leadership.

LeadYoung Institute

We are excited to announce the launch of the world's 1st program to identify and develop 10-18 year olds, gifted in leadership ability. LeadYoung Institute (LYI) is a local program, designed to be scalable for other communities, seeking to recruit organizational leadership talent among the very young. LYI begins its focus on educating adults and partnering with schools, faith communities and civic groups, for the purpose of nominating qualified candidates to join a network of future leaders, who receive project-based training, modeled after executive programs. We also plan to use LYI as a means for doing research that will catalyze the efficacy of young leader development.  For more info, email us at or call Dr. Nelson at 831.869.8532.