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The O Factor

The O Factor, a book on leadership ability among 2-22 year olds, offers a very unique look into what gives less than 10% of students such an exceptional ability at influencing others.  Organizational leadership talent is quite different than other domains of giftedness such as academics, art, creativity, and physicality.  Wouldn't it be interesting if we could identify future CEO's, presidential candidates, and entrepreneurs, decades before they're formally recognized?  Well, we can; getting to them while they're pliable in their morality and cognitive abilities. The "O" in The O Factor stands for organization, the ability to get others to achieve together what they would not or could not as individuals.  You can see it on the soccer fields, in school lunchrooms, and local neighborhoods.  Leadership ability is recognized by the US Department of Education and 15 US states as a domain in the field of gifted and talented education, yet practically nothing has