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What If Teen Leaders Ran the World? (Ender's Game)

While my wife and I enjoy movies a lot, we tend not to do a lot of heavily sci-fi films.  By accident, we recently went to see "Ender's Game" and I was delighted.  The film is not a kid or teen film, but rather a family oriented movie that focuses on a leader who is very young.  I don't know the exact age of Ender, but it is implied that he's in his early teens. Throughout the movie, you can see how Harrison Ford's character and other older, sage adults, are striving to find a leader who will lead their people out of potential extinction.  The cool thing is that they trusted the young leader, which we seldom do in real life. The movie has a lot to do with stereotypes of leading as well as showing what real leaders do; take charge, take manageable risks, and rally people to accomplish together what they could not as individuals.  By the end of the movie, you see Ender not only flexing his leader muscles, but he displays an uncanny sensitivity to the "e