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Bahamas, Here Comes KidLead

We are excited to announce that KidLead is coming to the Caribbean.  On Feb. 21-24, 2013, we'll be training staff from Skills Bahamas, a training company in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, to use the LeadYoung curricula.  Skills Bahamas plans to launch this year in their islands country and then expand to the Caribbean.  The Bahamian people are wonderful and they can also offer this training to tourist families on vacation.  We always love to see organizations that focus on adult training, catch the vision for turning attention on leaders while they're moldable.  KidLead welcomes the Bahamas to the growing number of countries around the world, focusing on young leader development.  A new landing page will be on the KidLead website very soon.

Giving Tree: Eaton, Colorado

The goal of training preteens and teens to be leaders is to improve society. Here’s an example of that. The Eaton (Colorado) community once again found the true meaning of Christmas as the community worked together to pull off an amazing season of giving. The 2012 Giving Tree Project, overseen by Eaton’s KidLead group successfully helped provide Christmas for 64 local families (141 individual children) and 60 apartments at Benjamin Square. For a month and a half the group of 4th-12th grade students worked to complete the project. This year the group really dove into their leadership skills by presenting the project to local business and the Chamber of Commerce asking for help to complete the project. Ninety-nine tags were placed on trees around town and the community responded by buying gifts and items on the tags. The group received everything from clothing to toys- even a couple of bikes, with helmets included. Among the gifts this year KidLead youth busily made 67 fleece tie blan

World's 1st Leadership Book for Preschoolers

This morning, I'm on my way to be interviewed by a reporter from the Monterey Herald, our local newspaper, who heard about our leadership books for preschoolers.  Last week I got an e-mail from our partner in Dubai, who is very interested in this program as are others.  I'm intrigued by the buzz of the audacious idea that you can begin spotting and developing leaders as young as preschool, as we've had experience more challenging responses from those working with preteen and teens, more logical participants. A funny thing happens as kids get older; parents become less involved.  In the series of seminars we did in Bangkok, most where parents of the very young and one of my favorite couples was pregnant with their first.  How's that for getting a head start?  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the excitement for developing really young leaders, but I sure wish we could get more interest in that strategic period when cognitions are elevated and character is still moldable,