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LeadYoung & Anti-Bullying

There's a lot of interest these days in anti-bullying programs, and rightly so.  Anyone who's a parent understands the pain of having your child picked on verbally, physically, emotionally.  The problem is that typical approaches to extinguishing bullying behavior is for an adult to lecture students and attempt top-down education.  The goal of empowering all students, although noble is inherently flawed.  A more subtle and strategic approach is to identify the natural social influencers, train them to be effective leaders, and then unleash them with anti-bullying messages.  This proactively taps the natural socializing process of students. What we've seen in organizations that use our LeadNow training curriculum is that young leaders gain confidence, skills and alliances with other social influencers.  Then they police peers proactively, whether or not adults are present.  This is a side-door, Trojan Horse approach to accompllishing the same goals.  But unless you speci