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World Premier

Next Wed., June 26, at 11AM PT in Silicon Valley, a press conference  will be held to officially announce the launch of the world's first leadership training curricula for 2-9 year olds.  Move over Baby Einstein, KiddieLead (ages 2-5) and Lead1st (ages 6-9), reflect a focus on identifying and developing leaders when they're very, very young.  If you would have told me, 8 years ago, when we began our pioneering work in the realm of preteen leader development, that I'd be focusing on leaders while they're in preschool, I would have scoffed such ignorance.  But today, I believe we're onto one of the most important social finds in history, the ability to identify early bloomers and offer all children an opportunity to experience peer leading, as well as those with natural gifting in this area.  Years ago, Suzuki began teaching the very young how to play the violin.  We've all seen pictures of babies, swimming when dropped into water.  Watch the media in coming w