What's Your Team's IQ?

Most of us are familiar with individual Intelligence Quotients (IQ), typically measured as the ability to accomplish a variety of cognitive tasks at a certain rate and effectiveness.  But did you know that groups possess a cumulative IQ?  Research published in Science magazine (Oct. 29, 2010) notes that team IQ, being higher than individual IQs, also varies from group to group.  The hypothesis is that it is easier to improve group IQ than individual IQ.

If the role of a leader is to help a team achieve more, then it makes sense that an effective leader can in turn increase the team's IQ.  Our belief is that by teaching kids to do this at a young age, we can help them improve their effectiveness as adults, because they'll have decades of more experience and will begin to consciously and subconsciously recognize best practice team development skills.  To read more about the article mentioned above, click HERE.


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