Training Leader Kids Improves Adult Leaders

Most adults know that when you have to teach something, you actually learn that skill or content at a higher level yourself.  The same is true in the area of leadership.  I just got off the phone with Nina Lewis, a KidLead Trainer in Eaton, CO, thanking me for introducing her to KidLead.

"The irony (or not), is that I've learned so much more about leadership myself, while teaching our students," she said.  "I've applied the nuances of working as a team, recognizing the differences of team members, and organizing toward a task, that I'm a better leader myself."  Obviously she is, because Eaton, a small town east of Fort Collins, just passed a local bill to fund a $25,000,000 community center.  Nina was 1 of 5 board members on a committee of 30.  The bill passed first time on the public ballot. 

While KidLead was originally designed to identify and develop young executives ages 10 and up, the other benefits continue to surprise us, including how teaching young leaders schools us adults, honing our own influence skills.  Go Nina!  Yeah Eaton!


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