Do Classrooms Kill Leadership Development?

A couple times a year, we wake up to see a large cruise ship in the Monterey Bay. Although blown up a bit, this picture is from my office in our town home.  Usually, the bay sports an array of private boats, a few fishing vessels, and whale watching ships.  But when the cruise ship shows up, it's like a row boat in your bath tub... huge.  

Most school classrooms have 2-3 students who offer more "presence" than the rest. They stand out in terms of their social influence.  The problem is that most schools ignore them, treating them like every other child, ignoring their sizable leadership potential.  In this TED Talk video (19 min.), Sir Ken Robinson expresses his concern on how schools kill creativity.  Similarly, schools tend to kill leadership development.  Join over 25 million people who've watched this 20-minute commentary.  Click HERE.


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