SheLead: Empowering Young Women Leaders

"Spoiler Alert!"  That's what NBC newscasters have been saying during the Winter Olympics, as they prep to announce medal results prior to actually broadcasting the time-delayed events.  Well, in our small way, this is a bit of a spoiler alert or even a teaser.

Over the years, we've become very aware of the historical resistance to developing women leaders, let alone young ones.  Nancy, my wife, attests to that, even though John Maxwell hired her as part of his leadership team at the ripe old age of 25.  So we're about to announce the start of a new LeadYoung Training Systems program called SheLead.  We're reformatting our LeadNow and LeadWell curricula into a woman-leader-to-young-female-leader program that will be available for schools, civic groups, and faith communities to use in identifying and developing young women leaders.  It's our attempt to help make up for what's been a long time problem. Look for it in the coming days! 


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