How to Prevent Hitlers

Recently I read a book called "Contagious," that explains why some messages get repeated and others do not.  In order to implement my learning, we created a banner for our website, to note how KidLead curricula are a proactive means for eradicating bad leaders (see above).  A customer alerted us about his shock and disdain that we'd connect Hitler with KidLead (even if it was negative).  We quickly explained why and replaced the banner with a Gandhi pic, not wanting to relate a corrupt icon with our work.

Regardless, so much of our culture is reactionary, upset about bad leading and leaders while doing very little to remove the problem at the root.  I grew up on an Iowa farm and my chores included chopping down thistles.  One day, my dad noticed how quickly I removed them, but realized I'd been cutting them down at the stem, a visual quick fix.  He said, "No, to get rid of a thistle you need to place your shovel below the ground at the root, and then cut it off."  It took more work, but it also solved the thistle problem.  KidLead is a root solution to social problems. Hitlers can be avoided.


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